Workplace ergonomics in all its facets

Height-adjustable work tables for quick change of working positions
Ergonomic work chairs for your production - safe, relieving, high-quality and extremely robust
LED lights for eye friendly workplace lighting
Workplace design in production

Workplace design in production

Ergonomics at the workplace with item pays off 

Ergonomics covers numerous aspects: Humanity and economy are equally taken into account when designing ergonomic workplaces. It can also be perfectly combined with intralogistics methods and processes - for more efficient tool and material provision. 


Twice as efficient: item ergologistic®

Optimise material and tool supply 

Everything from a single source: By combining an ergonomic workplace and efficient intralogistics, the efficiency of your processes increases sustainably. In this way, item ergologistic® creates the ideal conditions for improving your tool and material supply in a targeted manner. 

Twice as efficient: item ergologistic<span style=" font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; vertical-align: super; ">®</span>
Workplace configurator

Workplace configurator

Ergonomics professional

item workstations are based on robust, height-adjustable table variants. Put together your individual workplace online with the practical workplace configurator. The ideal equipment for every task: The tables can be precisely adapted with attachments and a wide range of accessories.


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