Cleanroom production with item – modular and dependable

When production operations call for cleanroom technology, lots of different elements need to work together reliably. The item Building Kit System is the most comprehensive of its kind. In cleanroom production, the availability of cleanroom-compliant components gives you the freedom to build process enclosures that perfectly meet your requirements in terms of shape, size and configuration. This creates dependable cleanroom solutions up to the high ISO cleanroom class 2 to ISO 14644-1. What’s more, you can design work benches for use in a cleanroom that are ESD-safe, ergonomic and packed with customised functionality. 

The system for reliable cleanroom solutions

Cleanroom solutions up to ISO cleanroom class 2
Wide selection of cleanroom-compatible components
Every detail can be flexibly adapted to your process
State-of-the-art filter technology and easy-to-clean surfaces

Examples of cleanroom applications

Machine cabins with Filter Fan Unit and air recirculation

  • This process enclosure for cleanroom applications is based on Line XMS profiles with integrated cable conduits and easy-to-clean unbroken surfaces. The Filter Fan Unit generates an extremely clean laminar displacement flow that passes through the working area and is recirculated to the FFU via the rear wall.

Laminar flow box with height-adjustable work bench

  • This solution enables you to carry out production at a work bench under cleanroom conditions up to ISO class 5 – efficiently, ergonomically and, if necessary, with ESD safety. The working surface of the height-adjustable work bench is made from stainless steel Perforated Sheet to ensure that the displacement flow can be routed away without it swirling around.

Partial cleanroom enclosure with several Filter Fan Units

  • A partial (semi-open) enclosure creates a work bench enclosure with customised dimensions. Several Filter Fan Units can be integrated into the ceiling to create a constant displacement flow of clean air through the entire area.

Laminar flow box as a table-top unit

  • Supporting versatile use of space with a work bench in a custom size, this laminar flow box for clean production protects the work process in one section of the bench. The hood complete with Filter Fan Unit can be configured as a table-top unit that is only used when necessary.

Work bench for use in cleanrooms

  • This work bench is perfect for manual production under cleanroom conditions. Groove covers make the bench particularly easy to clean. Furthermore, a table top without a wooden core has been selected. item Pivot Arms and the toolpanel® System that keeps tools close to hand improve organisation and ergonomics at the work bench.

Discover components and applications in the interactive e-paper

Excellent filter performance with Filter Fan Unit 1200x600

Ready-to-install Filter Fan Unit 1200x600 (FFU) removes 99.995 percent of all particles from the air. The filtering action of Pre-Filter M5 and HEPA Filter H14 is certified to EN 1822. The gasket on the HEPA Filter creates a dust-tight and airtight seal with the ceiling.

The integrated centrifugal fan produces a laminar displacement flow with a nominal airflow of 997 m³/h. The FFU StarterKit or FlowBox InstallationKit makes it easy to control the FFU output. 


Excellent filter performance with Filter Fan Unit 1200x600
Secure panel installation with Fixing System X 8

Secure panel installation with Fixing System X 8

The item Fixing System is a modular panel fastening system for use in cleanrooms. The kind of easy-to-clean surfaces that are needed in a cleanroom can be created by combining base profiles, aluminium covers and seals.

Different wall constructions can also be realised – single skin, double skin or sandwich design – and the system is suitable for building ceilings, too. Thanks to its high holding force, the Fixing System can be used in the ceiling area to hold a Filter Fan Unit or solid panels in place.


Cleanroom technology – basic principles and regulations

What are the relevant technical standards and regulations for cleanroom production?

Technical cleanrooms fulfil various tasks in today’s production operations. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and DIN EN ISO 14644-1 are the two key points of reference for cleanroom applications. There are also numerous sector-specific technical standards and guidelines. A free online training unit from the item Academy provides a comprehensive overview of the basic principles and areas of application. After all, cleanroom processes aren’t all subject to the same requirements.

How do ISO 14644-1 and GMP guidelines differ?

ISO 14644-1 focuses on airborne particles. In contrast, GMP guidelines also factor in microbiological contamination. When it comes to the limits for airborne particles, GMP classes A to D are based on ISO cleanroom classes 1 to 9. An interactive online training unit from the item Academy explains the differences and the shared approaches. It also covers practical steps such as cleanroom planning, and the influence of outgassing and the airflow.

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