The item MB Building Kit System makes sweet music

Founded in 1995, Irmler develops test plugs and adapters for the automotive and electronics industries as well as CNC components and turnkey solutions for assembly and control systems. The company also makes custom installations and specialist machinery. One particular specialist plant engineering project is the manufacture of five vinyl record presses using aluminium profiles and systems technology components from item. “We have a long-standing partnership with item and have been using item profiles in our testing technology for nearly 20 years,” says Steffen Irmler, Managing Director of Irmler GmbH. “We’re convinced of the high quality of the profiles, so we knew straight away that we would also be using item products to build and protect the vinyl presses,” he adds. Once the records have been pressed, a special machine inserts them directly into paper sleeves. This machine’s basic frame is made up of various high-strength aluminium profiles from the MB Building Kit System. Profiles 8 80 x 80 and Profiles 8 80 x 40 are carefully coordinated and form a highly stable frame thanks to intelligent item fasteners. The preload on the flanks ensures a strong and durable hold. All item products have always been based on aluminium profiles. The reasons are obvious. Aluminium is far lighter and far more flexible than welded steel structures. The fasteners are easy to screw together and, thanks to a large number of elements and components, they offer a variety of fastening options. Consequently, modifications take no time at all. What’s more, the high quality of aluminium profiles and fasteners from item ensures a long service life. The standardised frame of Irmler’s vinyl presses is also compatible with the various components of the item MB Building Kit System. This means it is possible to adapt the design to changing requirements in the production process at any time. 

Customised guard

Irmler is an item pluspartner and also uses item products for safety applications. The presses handle hot materials and high pressure is applied when pressing the records, so operator safety must be ensured at all times. The vinyl presses are therefore surrounded by an item guard. One big advantage of this machine enclosure is the standardised structure of the frames, guards and doors made up of grooved aluminium profiles. Components can be combined for adaptation to the relevant requirements. The guard can be connected directly to the machine frame or to the floor of the building. “We remain convinced by item’s comprehensive product portfolio and expert service,” sums up Steffen Irmler. item provided support throughout the project and quickly resolved technical problems by involving experienced experts.

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