New components for Karakuri applications

Automating production processes – it is a goal that many companies are pursuing but one that often involves high costs and complex restructuring work. Fortunately, item Industrietechnik is here to help. item offers numerous components that can be used to simplify processes based on purely mechanical motion and thus implement Karakuri (also known as low cost automation, or LCA). item has now expanded its portfolio of Karakuri products, adding more components to the range. The new elements for guiding and redirecting cables can be used to build compact constructions that take the strain off workers and lead to faster, more efficient working processes.

LCA solutions can be implemented at around 10 to 20 percent the cost of conventional automation processes. Users benefit from optimised manual activities and the added flexibility in designing assembly sequences. Additional advantages include simplified and faster production processes. However, the demand for new Karakuri components is increasing all the time, as lean production requirements and tasks in industry become ever more complex. item has therefore extended its portfolio and is offering new, carefully coordinated, high-quality components that satisfy these requirements. For example, synthetic fibre and steel cables and Cable Pulley Wheel D42/D6-12 can be used to create more compact and efficient assembly work bench designs and factory equipment for material flow applications. The high-quality, ball-bearing pulley offers a simple and dependable means of guiding the cable. Thanks to additional LCA components such as Ring Bolt D10 M6x45, cables can be easily secured in a Multiblock or, with the addition of a T-Slot Nut, directly in a groove, so that counterweights or carriages can be guided along profile frames.

Karakuri applications utilise gravity, muscle power and leverage to simplify processes and improve workflows. Ultimately, using Karakuri to improve workflows and thus boost efficiency results in solutions that are less expensive than traditional automation projects. The new LCA components can be combined to produce a comprehensive system with a whole range of easy-to-use options for implementing Karakuri applications. item Industrietechnik thus offers an all-in-one package – as a true one-stop supplier.

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Date:               29 September 2017


item Industrietechnik GmbH

item Industrietechnik GmbH is a global market leader in building kit systems for industrial applications and employs around 500 members of staff. It has been designing and marketing construction solutions for machinery, fixtures and plants since 1976. The product portfolio comprises more than 3,500 high-quality components designed for use in machine bases, work benches, automation solutions and lean production applications. Thanks to the inclusion of transport solutions and dynamic elements, the company’s products can cover virtually all working processes, from manual production to automated manufacturing. The highly skilled employees work day-in, day-out to develop innovative solutions for state-of-the-art mechanical engineering and also offer exceptional consulting services. item is headquartered in Solingen, Germany. Eleven branches and support centres ensure the company is always close to customers in Germany. The group has wholly owned subsidiaries in the USA, China, Italy, Poland and Switzerland.

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