¡Ándale, item México!

item México is a subsidiary of item America, LLC, and is based in Irapuato, Guanajuato. The plant is in the centre of the country, making it perfectly situated for rapid deliveries to all Mexican distribution partners. These partners in turn serve local companies and branches of German and US corporations and were previously supplied out of the central item warehouse in Maryland, USA. item México imports products directly from the headquarters in Germany, stocks them in large volumes and processes wholesale orders from its distribution partners. item also organises on-site training courses and workshops for key account managers in the region. Philipp Herrmann, CEO of item México: “We simply wanted to be closer to our customers. The favourable market conditions and the arrival of European and US companies demand consistently high product quality, stable prices and short delivery times. Thanks to our new central warehouse, we can meet these requirements in full.”

item México employs staff in warehousing, logistics, engineering and administration. The new central warehouse stocks profiles, accessories and panels to ensure major customers can rely on outstanding availability for item products. These customers operate in sectors including automotive, aerospace and electrical industries – all of which are growing strongly in Mexico. “item America has been working hard on expansion in Central and South America since 2015,” says Herrmann. “item México is a branch that helps to complete our global distribution network.”  

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