item expands the MB Building Kit System

The MB Building Kit System is constantly growing, and item Industrietechnik is extending its portfolio yet again with more factory equipment. For example, the new Latch offers a convenient means of securing doors and hatches. The new Cover Profile 8 K/Al for Line 8 profile grooves is especially easy to cut to size and install. It creates a clean, gap-free surface with an aluminium look. The new Stacking Guide also brings clear advantages for users by making it much easier to stack boxes and pallets. The new components can be combined easily with the more than 2,500 components in the MB Building Kit System. The end result is that users have virtually unlimited options for building everything from a simple frame to an automated plant. 

By launching its new factory equipment, item Industrietechnik is creating even more flexibility and freedom for engineering tasks. For example, the new Latch offers a simple means of securing doors and hatches. It comprises two parts – one that is fitted to the surrounding frame and another element with a grip that is fitted to the door or hatch. The compact frame part is secured in the Line 8 groove of the existing frame. When the hatch or door is closed, the grip element audibly clicks into the frame part, giving the user audible feedback to indicate that the door is secure. It takes little force to release the spring-mounted catch mechanism and open the door again, and the ergonomically designed grip makes the Latch even easier to operate. The Latches can be used with Line 8 and 6 profiles and with Clamp Profile 8 32x18. Cover Profile 8 K/Al is another new component in the item MB Building Kit System. It seals a Line 8 groove on a profile to keep dirt and dust out and produce an easy-to-clean surface. The plastic strip is easy to insert into place and can be quickly cut to size using item Multi-Purpose Pliers. An aluminium finish foil gives Cover Profile 8 K/Al the look of an aluminium profile. Another piece of factory equipment, the new item Stacking Guide 8 St 80x80-30° makes it easier to stack boxes, pallets and trolleys and prevents positioning errors. The centring aid on the device ensures that objects automatically slide into the desired position. The 30° incline distributes weight over multiple points.

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